We believe that the truly valuable service for the customers is, to say nothing of the high quality products as a manufacturer, to provide the customers with the optimum products each of them need.
Based on our long years of manufactuing experience and experties, we strongly believe we can provide suitable products with customer's needs.


The efforts of UNOZAWA will not come to the end when we deliver the product.
Many of our products are being used even for more than 50 years.
We believe that products used for a long period of time contribute to both the customer’s business and the sustainability of society.
Feel free to ask us about, not only periodic maintenance, but also the repair and renewal of old machines.

Periodic maintenance

We have established a maintenance system. We can perform our maintenance services on site and in our workshop.
With our rich track record of maintenance and the maintenance quality backed by manufacturer technology, we provide further safe and secure operations.

Repair and renewal

We provide the support for repair and renewal. Operation for a long period, change of use environment, and specification change can give damages to parts that make up the vacuum pumps and blowers you are using.
To enable you to use the products for a long time ahead with a secure and safety environment, we propose the following services.

Diagnosis and inspection

In the event that any abnormal symptom develops such as abnormal sound, abnormal vibration, oil leakage, or current rise, we provide on-site diagnosis and inspection by our technical staff.
Please feel free to contact us.

Flow of events toward product delivery


Responding to the request from the customer,
we conduct a hearing of all relevant information, such as requested specifications and use environment, using our knowhow.


Based on the hearing, our design team performs customized design.


Utilizing our knowhow and technical skills, we provide the proposal most suited to the customer.


Based on the proposal, while accepting the opinions of the customer, we finalize the specifications.


We manufacture the original product for the customer and deliver it.