Water Ring Vacuum Pump

It suctions gas and water.
From industry uses to medical uses.

Water ring vacuum pump can suction gas and water.
It has the simplest operating motion with one compression per revolution, and can be used in applications such as dehydration, vaporization, distillation/dewatering, dehydration filter, vacuum casting,
vacuum source in vacuum deodorization, priming for large scale volute pumps in the chemical and food industries, dehydration uses in the paper industry.
For further large capacity and higher vacuum,
you can select complex exhausting system TAH type or TAK type that combine a mechanical booster.

Water Ring Vacuum Pump

SRH type

Water ring vacuum pump for general industry


- Simple structure
- High reliability
- High efficiency
- Support for special materials
- Excellent shaft sealing
- Compact type


- Dehydration, vaporization, distillation and dewatering in the food industry and the chemical industry

- Vacuum source for dehydration filter, vacuum casting and vacuum deodorization

- Priming for large scale volute pumps and suction pump for medical equipment

- Dehydration in the paper industry

SRU/SRM Series

Compact water ring type vacuum pump (for medical equipment)

With its compactness and durability,
it is a water ring vacuum pump of seal water circulating type that features easy maintenance.
In the event of water failure, it can continue to operate by the circulation of water inside the tank.
It has a record of uses for more than a half century as the vacuum source for medical equipment in hospitals, and many of the pumps are supporting medical site activities.


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