To all the customers, including those in the chemical, electric power, food, and semiconductor industries,
who wish to introduce vacuum pumps and/or blowers

We have a line of products that suit various processes and operating conditions from vacuum to high pressure, from small types to large machines.
We can propose, from our rich achievement and long experience, the blower units and vacuum exhausting systems with the shaft seal structure and materials most suitable to your conditions.

Dry vacuum pump

The multi-stage roots dry vacuum pump that UNOZAWA has developed for the first time in the world has the outstanding feature of clean vacuum and power savings. Because it uses no oil or water at gas contact areas, the product has various merits.
For chemical and semiconductor applications, you can select the most suitable dry vacuum pump that suits your process, environment, and use conditions.


Rotary blower

This is a roots-type rotary blower and vacuum pump adopting three-lobe rotors. With its high performance, low noise, and low vibration features, it has a vast and long experience in the varied specifications, from small to large capacity, various special materials to meet various gas and operating conditions, varied shaft seals, as well as high design pressure, and explosion-proof.


Water ring vacuum pump

The water seal feature allows suction gas and water. It is being widely used in a wide range of fields, such as medical uses, dehydration, vaporization, distillation/dewatering, dehydration filters, vacuum casting, vacuum source in vacuum deodorization, priming for large scale volute pumps in the chemical and food industries, and dehydration uses in the paper industry.