UNOZAWA; Roots type products

Unozawa rotary blower and dry vacuum pump is Roots type. It is clean becase this design does not use oil inside the working chamber and does not contaminate the handled gas. From vacuum to high pressure, from small to large size model, there is a wide range of products to suit various process and operating conditions.
We have many experiences supplying our products all over the world.
Suitable vacuum system can be proposed including water ring vacuum pump.

Rotary blower · Vacuum pump

Rotary blower · Vacuum pump
The rotary blower is three lobe Roots type blower featuring high performance, low noise and less vibration.
Unlike centrifugal type, Roots type is positive displacement type which is less capacity variation against pressure variation.
ARJ series is available from small capacity to large capacity, featuring various gas service and operationg condition, special material, various shaft seal, high pressure resistance type, and explosion-proof type.
ARK series is for air service.
  • Type "ARJ"
  • Type "ARK"

Dry vacuum pump

Dry vacuum pump
The pump is of multi-stage Roots type and developed by incorporating our vast experience and technology.
By the combination with mechanical booster, more high vacuum, high capacity and energy saving can be obtained.
KTS series and TS series are for clean process featuring high vacuum and energy saving.
TRV series and TRM series are for chemical process and deal with condesable gas well.
  • KTS series
  • TS series
  • TRV series
  • TRM series

Water ring vacuum pump Type SRH

Water ring vacuum pump Type SRH
The water ring vacuum pump type SRH is a high performance, low noise vacuum pump, supported by our superior manufacturing technology.