Rotary blower · Vacuum pump

From the development of Roots type blower and vacuum pump, we continue resarch and development of our products.

We have various shaft seal systems and material of construction to meet various application, including special gas as well as air.

Utilising the good features of roots design such as oil-free, high performance and constant capacity at different pressure variations allow our Unozawa blowers to run smoothly in various industries. Our excellent performance and high reliability earn us enhanced trust from our customers.

Rotary blower / Vacuum pump Type "ARJ"

The rotary blower is three lobe Roots type blower featuring high performance, low noise and less vibration. Special gas blowers with mechanical seal or non-contact seal and high design pressure are available.

Rotary blower / Vaccum pump Type ARJ

Rotary blower / Vacuum pump Type "ARK"

Small & medium -sized low-noise blower and vacuum pump
Suitable for water treatment aeration and pneumatic conveying system.

Rotary blower / Vaccum pump Type ARK